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We provide Advanced Microsoft Excel services to businesses, institutions and individuals. If your business uses Excel to record and keep all its data, then we are here for you. With our professional and highly customizable Excel Templates tailored for your business, records and keeping and accounting will just get better. If we provide spreadsheets for Invoices, Payslips, Financial Statements, Point of Sales, General Ledgers, Journals and all other accounts records. For Schools, we provide academic records management system capable of recording and generating student report cards or transcripts every term or semester. This system reduces cumulative records system work by about 70%. Most schools have bought into our excel spread sheet to manage their academic records. We also provide a spreadsheet to manage school fees and keep the finances of each student in the school.

For individuals who want to learn Microsoft excel too, we provide tuition from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level. After our tuition, you shall be capable of designing your own professional template for personal use or business use. We also provide project specific tuition in excel. For example, if you would want to learn how to develop an academic or transcript or payroll system in excel, we can give just that tuition only.

Tuition can organized for group of students, workers or individuals at a chosen tuition center depending on the geographical location of our clients. For workers, tuition can be organized at the business’ premises to solve the issue of going and coming every day.

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