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Groupe Afari was founded in 2016 with the aim of providing professional services at affordable price.  Over the years, we have been committed to helping small scale businesses, graduating students and individuals achieve their respective aims in business and in school. We specialize in providing professional Accounting Services to SMEs, providing an expert tuition in Advanced Excel for students and workers, thesis and action research for graduating students, business advisory services for entrepreneurs and data entry and management services to businesses.
We cover all kinds of small and medium scale firms, for example Super Markets, Shops, Pharmacies, Manufacturers, Whole Sale Distributors, Retailers etc in their businesses. For years, we have assisted numerous graduate students from KNUST, UCC, UEW, UG, UDS, Technical Universities and Private Universities all over Ghana in writing their project work, research work or thesis. We also provide Microsoft Excel tuition to businesses, workers and students.  We customize professional templates that suits your business needs and very easy to use. Whatever your business is into, we shall be able to design a spreadsheet, highly coded with Visual Basic Applications (VBA) in Excel to make almost everything in it Automated. We have also specialized in providing advisory services to business and also helping in data entry and management for organizations.


Yes. Our services are highly affordable to all our clients. Regardless, we provide highly professional services to all our clients.

We receive payments via Mobile Money and Bank Transfers.

All our services can be provided in a virtual way. With the advent of technology, we may not necessarily have to meet before beginning operations. We have service many clients with Accounting services, Thesis, Excel Spreadsheet without necessarily having to meet them before. It all goes down to honesty and commitment.

For accountancy, we take onetime payment for one off contracts and monthly payments for part time services. Mostly for one off contracts, we take initial payments after negotiations with our clients.

For our Excel Spreadsheets, we take 90% upfront payment upon delivery. We take the remaining 10% after fixing all adjustments and other customizations. However, customizations that were not part of the clients’ initial requirements attracts an additional fee.

For Tuition, registration fee is paid upfront before the tuition starts.

For Project Work, Proposals attract a fee of GHS 200. This will include a bundle of all articles and documents used to prepare it according to your supervisor’s requirements. Upon approval, the actual thesis will cost GHS 2000. An initial payment of 50% must be made before work begins. After chapter one to three is sent and all corrections made, next payment is 45% of the remaining amount for chapter four and five. After all corrections on full work have been done by us, the last 5% is paid.

We also have the option of providing a full thesis with proposal, chapter one to five plus all appendixes, references, articles, documents used and questionnaire and interview items in which case a full payment of GHS 2200 is required for delivery of the full bundled work.

For Business Advisory Services and Data Entry and Management, the quantum of the work and type of work shall determine the fee charged subject to negotiations with our clients.